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Arriva Marketing / Division of Duax Ltd.
H-1034 Budapest, Bécsi street 60.
Phone: +36-70/320-30-51
Fax: +36-1/350-56-60

www.arriva.hu / info@arriva.hu

Please allow us to present ARRIVA Marketing, a Division of Duax Corporation and draw your attention to our services.

Recognizing the advantages of the services provided by advertising agencies and marketing consulting companies, Arriva Marketing has introduced a service so far unique in Hungary. It combines the values of consulting companies and executive advertising agencies and positions itself as an outsource marketing division.

We offer marketing services tailored to the client’s needs both in the form of consultancy and outsourcing. According to customer demand we will undertake occasional marketing jobs or take on the entire marketing activity of a company on a long-term operational basis.

The selective outsourcing of marketing activities can have several advantages in managing the resources:

  • In the field of human resources
    There is always a sufficient number of competent people working on the projects, the client does not need to train experts, or pay for employee downtime.
  • In the financial field
    The company can save the expenses of infrastructure – computers, office, furniture, car, telephone - , there are no additional social security payments and the VAT of our services can be reclaimed.