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Arriva Marketing / Division of Duax Ltd.
H-1034 Budapest, Bécsi street 60.
Phone: +36-70/320-30-51
Fax: +36-1/350-56-60

www.arriva.hu / info@arriva.hu

In our introduction we presented some information that we found important to tell about ourselves. We also offer the possibility of free consultation where we can answer the questions you find important. To arrange an appointment please contact the ARRIVA's Marketing Manager on the given contacts.

ARRIVA Marketing, a division of Duax Corporation is a company focused on handling the marketing activities of micro, small and medium-size companies. We offer our clients marketing services tailored to their needs, both in the form of consultancy or outsourcing. According to customer demand we undertake occasional marketing jobs or take on the entire marketing activity of a company on a long-term operational basis.

We believe that with the appropriate knowledge small and medium-size companies can achieve great results, with an appropriate, knowledge-based strategy they are able to carry out great plans. We are convinced that this knowledge is the only competitive asset, that we can increase mostly by thinking together. Collective thinking can be useful to companies in different ways. It seems to us that more and more companies focus on their main profile and leave the rest of their activities to experts. We think that marketing activities can be introduced into the life of any organization, even by outsourcing. We feel that our experts will live up to your expectations with their experience and expertise. We believe that faith in us will be rewarded by results.

The main goal of ARRIVA Marketing is to part in making your business dreams come true.

To achieve our goal in business we need Your success. This is why we not only give counsels to our partners but also examine their goals, analyze their needs and help to correct the particular or general problems existing in their business life with professional, effective and fast solutions.

Our goal is to put our expertise into the service of small and medium-size companies, so that these enterprises may also gain competitive advantages with the help of precisely planned strategies.

Our goal is to find – thinking together with our partners - the optimal marketing possibilities and means to be able to use them in the most efficient way.

Our goal is to gain our partners’ confidence. This is why we not only analyze their business problems and find the best solutions for them but we also participate in carrying them out.

Do you think it possible that for the ’price’ of one expert you can have a whole team at your disposal, and only when there really is a need for using marketing solutions?